3D Imagery, Animation & VFX

Photorealistic and stylized computer-generated (CG) imagery is used to achieve effects that are impossible to achieve through conventional photography, as well as to give concepts an eye-catching look. From architectural renderings to product stories, Brophy’s team meets your product, messaging, and storytelling needs.  


Brophy can create imagery for architects, developers, designers, and other professionals. We designed, modeled, and rendered each of the scenes below — starting with a specific topic that Guardian Glass wanted to highlight.


Using the computer aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM) files, combined with our own modeling and texturing, Brophy can develop photorealistic images and animations. Using the power of animation, we can show off your products as never before.


Don't want to create something that looks real? We can work with you to create an altogether custom world that evokes your brand and the story being told.


Brophy boils down complex science into graphics that wow audiences and make your most important topics easy to understand.

Managed beauty.

See how we can help make your products look their best by connecting with Brophy today.

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