Video & Motion Graphics

Brophy loves to tell stories—about organizations, about products, about the future. From our home in Detroit, Michigan, we produce commercials, social media content, and corporate videos. Passionate about inspiring audiences, we offer full-service solutions from storyboarding to editing, color and computer-generated special effects.

1. Personal

Brophy organized, produced, and edited hundreds of on-camera interviews. Using specialty equipment and limitless curiosity, we help clearly convey the message, regardless of how complex. We worked with Henry Ford Health System to show their contribution to curing blindness, as explained by doctors, supporters, and beneficiaries.

2. Anthemic

How do you encapsulate a brand or a product in a way that leaves your audience saying, "Wow?" Brophy can translate your brand and product strategies into anthems that delight and inspire. Watch how we summed up Guardian Glass in 60 seconds for their global audience.

3. Warm

We take abstract concepts and turn them into compelling stories—showing how our customers improve people's lives. Many don't know what a head gasket is, but your car needs one to keep going. We took this truth to show how Federal-Mogul Motorparts' investments in people, facilities, and brands keep families on the road.

4. Fast

Marketers demand quality at speed. Brophy is capable of moving quickly—from storyboarding and scripting to final cut—meeting tight deadlines in an ever-more competitive marketplace. We completed the story of the Gentherm brand in 10 days.

5. Funny

You've seen a lot of serious work from us — but we also try to inject humor into what we do. myCharge wanted educational videos that also were playful in dialogue and design. We created an avatar for each of their product lines— making them each a little surreal and entertaining.

6. Global

We have production contacts around the world to help achieve whatever you can imagine. When Guardian Industries wanted to produce a video about the Middle East, we combined our team with local contacts to film in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.

Pictures up

We love to tell stories, build brands, and sell more product. Whether you are looking for commercials, social media content, or a full-service production resource, Brophy can help you achieve your goals.