Corporate Brand Building for Employee Engagement

Learn the four principles that guide Brophy’s brand strategy process, especially when we are focused on employees and recruits.

Part corporate therapy, part style coach, branding is ultimately about honing the purpose of your organization and living that purpose. It requires asking questions, such as: What do I need to change about my personality to get what I want? Do I need to be seen more, and where? What do I need to look like, and whose opinion matters?

Whether you are looking for a full-service brand strategy firm, employer branding specifically, or content based on existing brand consulting work, Brophy knows how to craft the right strategy and translate it into finished media that can inspire and excite. Brophy’s process is built around four key principles that help companies achieve greater employee engagement.

Find What Makes You Special

Employees look to share values with their organization and want to feel that they are working towards a meaningful, unique mission. This once-radical idea has become conventional wisdom, but the gap between companies expressing those values and employees connecting with them remains wide at most companies. Target audience interviews and internal surveys can inform a company's unique purpose by revealing answers to the following types of questions:

  • How do you explain to family and friends what you do and what your company is about?
  • What makes you proud to work for your company?
  • When have the company and its employees been particularly brave?
  • How do you want to see the company evolve?

Brophy gathers a baseline about the company and valuable insights from employees by posing these questions (and many others) to a cross-section of the organization. Bridging the gap between today's internal perception with tomorrow's business strategy, Brophy will work with you to develop an employer branding strategy that reframes the company in a compelling way.

Make (Actually) Engaging Content

A job is a much bigger decision than purchasing a car. However, many companies do not treat recruiting and retaining like marketing a big-ticket purchasing item. Some are fine to use boilerplate writing and stock photographs of smiling, well-dressed employees. Employers need to cultivate their own style, their own design, and include their own employees to actually make a difference.

Whether working on individual assets or an entire branding campaign, Brophy is focused on making your assets stand out among other employers, such as:

  • Branding design elements and corporate identity that reflect the brand strategy (i.e. what makes you different)
  • Video interview process specifically designed to put your employees at ease and elicit their best responses
  • Explaining the value the company brings to the world in visually and narratively-exciting ways for social media, company websites and other platforms

With production capabilities that exceed most other branding agencies, Brophy can help you recruit top talent using world-class content.

Brand from the Inside Out

Products, services and customer experiences are reflections of the people that make them. That's why Brophy sees the internal branding program as being so intertwined with building great product brands. When branding a new company or rebranding a company, Brophy works to identify a brand strategy that is consistently reflected to employees, potential employees, customers, and all other stakeholders. While this is not always possible, we find that it makes "living the brand" easier and more cost effective.

Connecting employees with the mission does not just happen with a carefully crafted PowerPoint presentation and a corporate town hall meeting. Constant reinforcement is required to convey a company’s purpose, which can be accomplished through intranet campaigns, brand books, brand week celebrations, and of course by living the tenants of the brand every day with customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Manage Global Needs

The right messages need to resonate with the variety of roles and divisions, be communicated effectively at every level of the company and have global scalability. While companies may share English as a lingua franca, there is inevitably a requirement for translation.

Most of the companies Brophy works with for branding operate across many regions of the world. Brophy can implement the right process to ensure your corporate branding initiatives are successful globally, using tactics such as:

  • Managing global sizing including both left-to-right and right-to-left language requirements (print and digital)
  • Print production expertise for design and manufacturing of all brand touchpoints
  • Global video production expertise
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Brophy creatively collaborates with teams about how to engage employees and is able to execute programs to reinforce your company’s vision. See the process for how we achieve success in corporate branding.

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